Naturally Raised Beef

At CD Farms Florida, we raise healthy, happy cattle the old fashioned way.  That means our cattle are kept in large pastures and have access to sunshine when they want sunshine, shade when they feel like resting under a tree. Our cattle have access to green grass and fresh water.  We don’t use any added growth hormones, and we don’t finish our cattle in a feedlot. We do supplement our cattle’s diet with hay, molasses, and whole grains. We breed Angus, Brangus, and Hereford cattle. We choose these breeds because of their calm disposition and the fact they they are known world-wide for producing tender, juicy, delicious beef.  Our calves remain with their mothers until they are naturally weaned. We feel these time-tested ranching techniques, along with our quality Angus, Brangus, and Hereford genetics, results in an animal that produces the highest-quality, wholesome beef for your family. You deserve food this good!


We can sell you a whole steer to fill your freezer, or we can sell you a half or quarter interest in a steer.  We work with reputable local butchers to process your meat, or you can choose your own butcher. Rest assured that any hamburger, steak, or roast from CD Farms cattle will be a delicious, nutritious, and wholesome addition to your table.  


We process our steers when they are approximately 1200 pounds. A steer’s carcass will weigh about 750 pounds, and will often produce over 500 pounds of useable meat. One steer feeds our family of four for a little over a year-and we eat a lot of beef! The good news is you can choose how you want your meat cut.  Want your steaks and inch thick, or a half inch thick? Would you like your burger in one-pound packs or three pound packs? You can have it cut however you want. Want bone-in or boneless? Just let the butcher know how you prefer your meat packaged.


We sell live animals, and will work with you if you would like on helping you get your animal processed. Whole steers are $2,500. Half-steers are $1,400. Quarter steers are $750.

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