Naturally Raised Pork

It's not too early to start thinking about home-grown natural pork for this holiday season. Would you like CD Farms to custom raise you a hog to fill up your freezer? You could even visit on a farm day to come see your hog, see how it's growing and rest assured in knowing that good animal welfare and cultural practices are producing healthy, happy animals.


Our hogs are raised the old-fashioned way, with whole grains and our animals have access to the out of doors.  We feel this provides the animals a high quality of life, and happy hogs make delicious pork. Our hogs will weigh between 225-300 pounds when harvested, and will typically produce over 160 pounds of chops, roasts, hams, sausage, ribs, and bacon.


You would be purchasing the live animal, and we would provide you with information on a local custom meat packer who can work with you to meet your family's preferences on how you would like your meat cut and wrapped.  Whole hogs cost $250, and half hogs cost $150.

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